Do I need a bike fit?

Jun 30, 2020 | Blog

Do I need a bike fit in bollington

Do you struggle to change gear or brake safely?

  • Your saddle may be too far back or too high. Your handle bars may be too wide, the stem too long so stretching your reach too far, your shoulders may have reduced mobility in the shoulder joint, requiring adjustment to the reach, as well as mobility & stretching exercises)

Do your knees twinge? Are you shifting a lot in the saddle?

  • Your feet may be positioned too far forward or too far back over the centre of the pedal, causing your knee to over/underextend or flick outwards or inwards during the pedal-stroke. Your saddle tilt may be causing you to put pressure through the knees to compensate the pressure into the saddle.

Do you regularly feel pins & needles or numbness in hands/feet?

  • You may need a new or alternative footbed to support and realign your instep/heel/arch
  • Your reach to the bars may be too long, or the bars too wide, putting a strain through your neck into your shoulders
  • Your mobility may be reduced due to lack of regular stretching

Do you find climbing out of the saddle difficult or painful?

  • Your overall riding position is causing too much strain throughout the body, with pressure being put through your spine, onto your shoulders and into your hands. Fatigue will also set in earlier and you may experience cramping.
  • Do I struggle to climb out of the saddle?

The list could continue however, if you answered yes to just some of those questions then a custom bike fit is for you!

The list is not exhaustive, but just analysing one element, will not eliminate the other areas. Just raising or lowering your saddle for example, will not alleviate all your aches, pains or performance issues. Contact us directly to talk through your bike fit requirements or read some the FAQ before calling.

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