Saddle Comfort – or should that be discomfort?

An area that needs some serious attention, whatever your gender, is your saddle comfort. However with cycling still being a predominantly male dominated sporting arena, we find that most women (and girls) receive or find little or no guidance on how to set up their bike positions, from a simple ride with friends to the local cafe to high performance Elite level athletes, your comfort – or lack of discomfort, is what makes or breaks the ride.

The female body, unsurprisingly, differs physiologically in many more ways than one, from the standard, go to ‘male’ shape, for which most bikes, saddles, bars, and even clothing in the bike industry are designed for.


Male: Longer, larger levers (bone structure), wider body frame/shoulders, greater muscle mass.

Female: Wider pelvis, narrower frame/shoulders, greater fat mass.

How does this impact your comfort?!

Hotching? sound familiar? That shifting around on the saddle from left to right, halfway through your ride and you dont know whether to sit up, stand up, free wheel or find an ice pack!

Stinging pain when going to the toilet – after a ride, a burning sensation due to the rubbing and red soreness around the area.

Blisters, open sores, swelling – all symptoms of saddle sores, which have built up due to repeated rubbing in the wrong places, sweat or heat build (for example due to being on your period).

The list goes on.


From sit bones to Q-factor (hip width), from weight distribution to upper body strength, your bike should be at one with your shape, your frame, your balance, your strength and deliver you the perfect ride from A to B.

We can openly talk with you about your saddle comfort, your saddle sores, your labia, your sit bone bruises, your bra support, your menstrual cycles – no subject is barred. With a choice of saddles to ride and try, refits, guidance and support, we believe ALL women have the right to the perfect ride.

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