Custom Bike Fit

£150.00 2 hours 30 minutes

Custom Bike Fit

Our custom bike fit is our basic bike fit option and includes the following. Each of these are detailed below. The bike fit will take around 2 – 2 1/2 hours and can take place at your home or in Bollington.

  • Pre Bike fit consultation
  • Musculoskeletal analysis
  • 3 point on bike correction
  • SuperFeet ® corrective insoles
  • Full Custom Bike Fit Report

Pre Bike Fit consultation

Complete the online form to highlight your main areas of concern, your immediate & long term goals, current bike/equipment and any previous injuries, to allow us to accurately assess, correct and improve your position.

Musculoskeletal analysis

By identifying areas such as stiff joints, reduced mobility (eg shoulders), tight muscle groups (hip flexors, hamstrings), previous injuries, leg length imbalances, we can work to correct the position on the bike to eliminate aches, pains, add comfort and improved performance. Pain will lead to increased fatigue, possibly long term injury and much reduced enjoyment of the ride.

3 point On bike Assessment & Correction

Following the BikeFit® fitting process your custom bike fit begins with an analysis of your foot/pedal interface, moving through to the pelvis and saddle, and finally hand contact on the bars.

Pedal Power

Power transfer from body to pedal starts with the shoe. Any alignment issues here will cause immediate energy loss, and reduced efficiency of performance on the bike.

Pelvic Pains/Loss of Performance

As most clients report pains or aches in their shoulders, this can often be attributed to a poor set up on saddle position, which, in conjunction with your knees are the 2 most complained about areas. Working through fore and aft, as well as height and tilt, saddle position we can correct and align the sit bones ensuring optimal hip/knee/shoulder position is achieved.

Grip efficiency

The final contact point is the hands on the handlebars. Achieving a safe and comfortable reach position is our final goal. Ensuring a reach to the brake levels from both the hoods and the drops without losing form or performance completes the triangle of contact points.*

*Areobars can also be included within any of our bike fit services.

SuperFeet ® Premium Insoles

All our Bike Fitting Services include SuperFeet ® footbeds if required, as part of your corrective measures.

Full Custom Bike Fit Report

Full detailed report of your custom bike fit including Goals, History, Before/After Photos, bike measurements (saddle height, saddle tilt, set back, stem length etc.) Report in electronic format only.

Additional charges if required

  • Cleat wedges (from £5)
  • Leg length corrective wedges (from £10)

Additional bike fit at same time £40

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£150.00 2 hours 30 minutes

Please select a available slot for your bike fit. Available dates are shown in green. If you would prefer to talk to us directly please call on 07949 587540 or email us.


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