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Experienced bike fitting service based on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border with mobile services, virtual bike fit appointments & female specific consultations.

Bike Fit Service 1

Custom Bike Fit

£175.00 2 hours 30 minutes

A complete custom bike fit service to give improved comfort, performance and pain free riding.

Bike Fit Service 2

Female Custom Bike Fit

£175.00 2 hours 30 minutes

A female specific custom Bike Fit to address the clear and significant differences between female and male physiology, with the same benefits of our popular custom Bike Fit Service.

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Welcome to Bollington Bike Fit, located at the heart of some the regions finest routes and trails for enjoying time on your bike.

Since 2016, our custom Bike Fit services have been helping cyclists achieve increased performance, improved comfort and pain free cycling at all levels from Elite level & GBCT performance athletes, sportive riders, novice through to lifelong cyclists. Our aim is to ensure you can achieve your goals, minimising risk of long term injury, maximising performance and above all, enjoying the ride.

Below are a few questions about your riding. If you answered yes to just some of those questions then a custom bike fit is for you! The list is not exhaustive, but just analysing one element, will not eliminate the other areas. Just raising or lowering your saddle for example, will not alleviate all your aches, pains or performance issues. We are experienced in working with female athletes where comfort is often compromised, when looking for performance. Male and female bike fits require a totally different approach and we are proud to be specialists in female bike fitting services.

Bollington BikeFit Cycling Specialists Cheshire

Do you struggle to change gear or brake safely?

Your saddle may be too far back or too high. Your handle bars may be too wide, the stem too long so stretching your reach too far, your shoulders may have reduced mobility in the shoulder joint, requiring adjustment to the reach, as well as mobility & stretching exercises.

Bollington BikeFit Cycling Specialists Cheshire

Do your knees twinge? Are you shifting a lot in the saddle?

Your feet may be positioned too far forward or too far back over the centre of the pedal, causing your knee to over/underextend or flick outwards or inwards during the pedal-stroke. Your saddle tilt may be causing you to put pressure through the knees to compensate the pressure into the saddle.

Bollington BikeFit Cycling Specialists Cheshire

Do you regularly feel pins & needles or numbness in hands/feet?

You may need a new or alternative footbed to support and realign your instep/heel/arch. Your reach to the bars may be too long, or the bars too wide, putting a strain through your neck into your shoulders. Your mobility may be reduced due to lack of regular stretching.

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Do you find climbing out of the saddle difficult or painful?

Your overall riding position is causing too much strain throughout the body, with pressure being put through your spine, onto your shoulders and into your hands. Fatigue will also set in earlier and you may experience cramping. 

Got a question?



Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about a bike fit. There is a link to the full list. If you don’t see the information you need please call us on 07766 281223 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

How do I book?

Book online via our website and we will confirm an appointment with you. 

Complete the bike fit questionnaire on the website. This will give us some background information about you, your bike, your cycling history and current goals and issues. Once we have received your form we will give you a call to arrange either a visit to our Bike Fit Studio in Bollington, or arrange a home visit. Please note, the Performance Bike Fit cannot take place at home due to the equipment required.

Alternatively, just call us on 07766 281223

How long does a bike fit last?

All the details are on the Bike Fit Services Page (link to page or section of page)

Custom Bike Fit – upto 2 1/2 hours

Performance Bike Fit – upto 4 hours

What areas do you cover for home visits?

Macclesfield and surrounding areas Please call to check we cover your area for mobile services, there may be an additional charge but we could travel further. Alternatively you are welcome to attend our Bike Fit Studio in Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5HT

Why use us



Building on the bike fitting services already established through their coaching business, Bollington Bike Fit was born when James & Claire moved to Bollington in early 2020 to be at the heart of the North West’s cycling community. With a growing demand already in the NW for their knowledge, experience, expertise and care for the client, it seemed the right time to launch the Bike Fit Company as a stand alone business.


Bike fit services are offered to fit client’s needs and goals, there is no one size fits all. From returning to cycling after a break, to daily commuting, increasing training hours in the saddle or following an injury, BBF works with you to ensure that your comfort, health and performance on the bike is the only focus.

Currently based in Bollington, Macclesfield, BBF also offers home visits by appointment within certain areas.


Working with our coached clients, our bike fitting experience began, through identifying areas causing health or performance problems, and working on transforming the rider’s relationship with the bike. With a special interest in female specific bike fitting, due to working with a number of female coached athletes who suffered in silence due to lack of female specific physiological awareness in the Bike Fitting Industry, our expertise in this area started to grow and develop.

James is a fully certified BikeFit TM Level 2 fitter.
View James’ BikeFit Certification

Bollington Bike Fit Testimonials

What clients say


Heather Catlow

"I got a brilliant service from James at Bollington Bike Fit, he really went out of his way for me not only to source a bike but to make sure it was the correct size for me. I would highly recommend"

Melanie Robinson

"An extremely thorough assessment took place from back to the front of the bike then down to the cleats and all measurements professionally and accurately measured and made into a pdf for us to take away. A very affordable option was completed and even after one ride my daughter is already more comfortable and confident to explore the local Cheshire lanes. Great set up, lovely people and affordable options. There knowledge of anything bike is second to none. Will be booking myself in next."

Arcadia Business

After a few years out of the saddle I decided to find a bike fitter who could help me ride comfortably and safely. Step into the frame Bollington Bike Fit.
One week on, well what a joy it is to be on the back on the bike, I feel in greater control, pain free and already increasing my cadence with each ride. I have adopted a more relaxed riding position and my shoulders and neck are really appreciative.
An absolute for anyone who wants to enjoy their cycling and remain pain/injury free.

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