As you enter your winter training period, now is a good time to consider reassessing your riding position, your flexibility & mobility, and focus on eliminating any niggles that have arisen over the previous season. We are able to offer virtual basic Bike Fits along with a whole body flexibility assessment and personal program of off bike Core Strength focussing on your needs, we have a host of cycling specific videos with targeted mobility and flexibility sessions. Tight hamstrings & glutes can lead onto pain in the knees and lower back and shoulders, a weak core can lead to fatigue on long rides and loss of performance. If you want to chat about any niggles or issues you have on the bike, please give a call, either to arrange a virtual Bike Fit or book for a studio visit.

A professional bike fit ensures you get the most from your riding, prevent injury and train well. Call now to book your slot on 07949 587540 or visit our dedicated BikeFit website pages.

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